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January 21, 2021

V2 Spotlight: Liana Taveras

Ryan Prescott

IMG_9147-1 - Liana TaverasAt V2 we are extremely proud of the talented people we get to call teammates.
Meet Liana Taveras, she is a Sales Coordinator at V2 located in Santiago. I sat down with Liana to ask her a few questions, please enjoy.

Walk us through your journey to V2.
I'm an Industrial Engineer and have an Associate's Degree in Entrepreneurship. These two areas combined help me see everything systematically, but also oriented to Sales and Marketing. I started working at V2 as a Business Analyst and thanks to the project that I was assigned to I was able to start learning more about the Salesforce ecosystem. While in between projects, I was given the chance to support the sales organization and was lucky enough to move full time into the role of a Sales Coordinator.

How would you describe the culture at V2?
The culture at V2 is everything I've ever dreamed of. I consider the team a family. The type of work that we do requires us to be very meticulous and analytical. While it can be overwhelming, V2's focus on continuous excellence becomes easy with the support of the team around you. When you are surrounded by such bright minds, it is only a matter of time before you start shinning too.

At V2 everyone is a mentor and a leader, regardless of their positions or job descriptions. We take turns to elevate our skillsets and each other. People are V2's most important asset. I have seen us move mountains in a very relaxed and fun environment. Even while remote and in a bunch of different offices, V2ers have the best energy on Earth and bring that energy to work every day.

What makes you a subject matter expert?
I once read that leadership begins on the extra mile and that our days define our life. While I do not lead teams yet, I try to be the best example possible for those around me. I put my heart and soul into everything I do and expect myself to do better today than I did yesterday. When I step into a leadership role, I want to lead with empathy and motivation. 

At this stage of my career I would not consider myself a SME on any one topic. However, thanks to conversations with all my V2 mentors, I can see myself becoming a Sales Engineer. I believe that there is always a better way to do things, and designing solutions for V2 and our clients is what I want to be an expert on.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?
I was able to complete three certifications during my first six months. I attained my Pardot Specialist and Consultant certifications, as well as my Salesforce Admin.

If you weren’t a Sales Coordinator, what would you do?
I like organizing events (sports, education & entertainment events), so I would probably be doing something related.

How do you describe success?
To me, success is being happy and enjoying the process of whatever it is that you are doing.
IMG_4129 - Liana Taveras
Favorite Movie: Mulan

Favorite Quote: There is always a better way. - Thomas Edison

Favorite Place To Travel: Annecy, France

When you are not at work, what can we find you doing?
I like running or reading a good book. I also like getting to know new places. In the Dominican Republic there is always a new spot to go hiking, be surrounded by nature and the most beautiful landscapes. I'm in love with my country. Whenever I visit other countries my goal is to really get to know their culture through their food, music, paintings and theaters.

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Ryan Prescott

Ryan Prescott

Ryan Prescott has 9+ years of Global People Operations experience leading all aspects of organizations People and Talent functions across multiple industries. At V2, Ryan leads the Global Talent function supporting multiple sites in the US and Dominican Republic while also serving as Chief of Staff to the CEO leading strategic initiatives across all areas of the business. Ryan is passionate about building successful cultures of equity and inclusivity and fostering the growth of the people in his organization.