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Streamlining account-based forecasting with Salesforce

For many companies, Account-based forecasting is critical to support effective sales and revenue management. This forecasting methodology can directly drive revenue by calling out prior year versus current-year same-period performance to re-capture and grow a cyclical business. Beyond the direct performance impact, accurate forecasts drive better planning and decision-making. Finally, account-level forecasts can provide rich data to support seller evaluation, coaching, and performance management.
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What Is Snowflake And Why Is It Important For Media Companies?

At V2, one common challenge that many of our clients face is how to navigate the complex landscape of their data. To strengthen our analytics consulting services and provide our clients with the simplest and most efficient way of managing their ad sales B2C and B2B data, we have recently partnered with Snowflake. In less than 500 words, we wanted to summarize for our readers the following: what is the Snowflake Data Cloud platform, why it’s different from other data warehouse platforms on the market, and why media companies should consider it as part of their tech stack.
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V2 Webinar: Analytics for Ad Sales

We invite you to join us for the V2 Analytics for Ad Sales: 3 Ways to Get More From Your Analytics Investment Through the Power of Snowflake + Tableau CRM Webinar. 
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Why Traditional Forecasting In Ad Sales Is Never Accurate (and what you can do about it)

It’s not news that sales organizations across most industries struggle to achieve the holy grail of an accurate forecast. There are many root causes for these challenges, ranging from overconfident sellers who inflate their pipelines to sellers who withhold bad deal data for fear of repercussions with management. Despite systems being in place, sellers oftentimes maintain two sources of truth between CRM and their own private spreadsheets. Exacerbating these issues, many organizations struggle to define and properly communicate any semblance of a true forecasting methodology, leaving sales managers and sellers reporting their numbers as they see fit. Typical forecast reports are consistently missing key data needed to roll-up a proper forecast across sellers and any data that makes its way into formal reporting is often riddled with inaccuracies, leaving sales managers second-guessing and spending hours adjusting numbers. To make...
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Why Many Ad Sales Executives Are Lax In Optimizing CRM

As tenured consultants in the CRM for media space, we are all too familiar with technology indifference at the executive level. There are a range of reasons why this is all too prominent, particularly in ad sales. Five reasons why ad sales executives may be lax in optimizing CRM: Ad sales organizations typically have a history and culture of creative dominance where a more disciplined process and systems-based approach may not always be as valued.
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