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March 03, 2021

V2 Webinar: Analytics for Ad Sales

Jill Dignan

We invite you to join us for the V2 Analytics for Ad Sales: 3 Ways to Get More From Your Analytics Investment Through the Power of Snowflake + Tableau CRM Webinar. 

At V2, we understand the challenges that come with managing complex ad sales data flows. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how media companies can leverage the power of Snowflake + Tableau CRM to:

  1. Pull programmatic delivery metrics from external systems directly into embedded dashboards in your Salesforce CRM to allow users to monitor campaign performance in near-real-time
  2. Centralize accurate Account-level forecasting management and automate data distribution via the Snowflake Data Cloud
  3. Enable smarter selling with Einstein Discovery’s predictive analytics tools and easily integrate with off-platform data science tools to help your teams make more informed business decisions

By leveraging pre-built connectors between Snowflake and Tableau CRM, you can unlock the full potential of your analytics to eliminate broken or manual processes, cut down on data warehousing costs, and empower your sales team with real-time, actionable data from a single source of truth.

Who is this Webinar for:

  1. Organizations looking to find the right data warehouse solution, whether you currently have a data warehouse that is not meeting your needs or you are looking to invest in your first data warehouse
  2. Sales Executives looking to empower their Sales teams with actionable analytics
  3. Tech stack owners looking for efficient, cost effective and scalable data warehouse solution that easily connects to their CRM


Below are the Webinar details:

Analytics for Ad Sales: 3 Ways to Get More From Your Analytics Investment Through the Power of Snowflake + Tableau CRM
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Time: 1pm EST, 10am PST

We look forward to seeing you, Click Here to register.

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Jill Dignan

Jill Dignan

Jill Dignan has over 10 years of consulting experience running large-scale transformation projects in media and other industries. During her tenure at V2, she has developed a passion for process improvement and change management. Jill has helped clients in and outside of media devise winning strategies around process improvement, architecture, design, data, and integration. She currently serves as CGO of V2.