V2 Spotlight: Liana Taveras

Ryan Prescott
January 21, 2021

At V2 we are extremely proud of the talented people we get to call teammates.Meet Liana Taveras, she is a Sales Coordinator at V2 located in Santiago. I sat down with Liana to ask her a few questions, please enjoy.Walk us through your journey to V2.I'm an Industrial Engineer and have an Associate's Degree in Entrepreneurship. These two areas combined help me see everything systematically, but also oriented to Sales and Marketing. I started working at V2 as a Business Analyst and thanks to the project that I was assigned to I was able to start learning more about the Salesforce ecosystem. While in between projects, I was given the chance to support the sales organization and was lucky enough to move full time into the role of a Sales Coordinator.How would you describe the culture at V2?The culture at V2 is everything I've ever dreamed of. I consider the team a family. The type of work that we do requires us to be very meticulous and...
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Where To Start Your Ad Sales Digital Transformation

Jill Dignan
January 20, 2021

The media advertising industry is undoubtedly fiercely competitive. Many media companies struggle to find a competitive edge let alone realize the traditional business school notion of a sustained competitive advantage. And while chief digital officers, publishers, and others are focused on ensuring a media organization’s products and services are compelling in the marketplace, high-level operations executives obsess 24/7 over a different key question: “How can our ad sales process run more efficiently and effectively in order to make a measurable impact on revenue?” Our perspective is that world-class media operations executives must lead business transformation looking at four key areas across the business: data, people, process, and technology platforms.Taking a holistic approach, media executives can solve both small-scale and large-scale challenges—such as assessing how to streamline the prospect-to-cash flow in order to reduce...
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