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March 09, 2021

What Is Snowflake And Why Is It Important For Media Companies?

Jonathan Wu

At V2, one common challenge that many of our clients face is how to navigate the complex landscape of their data. To strengthen our analytics consulting services and provide our clients with the simplest and most efficient way of managing their ad sales B2C and B2B data, we have recently partnered with Snowflake. In less than 500 words, we wanted to summarize for our readers the following: what is the Snowflake Data Cloud platform, why it’s different from other data warehouse platforms on the market, and why media companies should consider it as part of their tech stack.

What Is Snowflake?

Before we get into why Snowflake is a game changer for our clients, it’s important to highlight what Snowflake is and what makes it different from other data warehouse options out there. Snowflake is a data platform designed to alleviate many of the pain points companies typically encounter with traditional data architectures. Traditional data systems are complex infrastructures and present many limitations, such as:

  • Inflexibility and/or interoperability with certain systems
  • Require complex and proprietary systems (UI, APIs, etc.)
  • Lack proper governance
  • Foster competing interests (IT vs. Business Users)
  • Become costly to maintain and implement net new changes over time

As a result of these challenges, such data systems often result in redundancies and significant amounts of manual work by in-house or contracted data and integration teams. Whether your team has managed to wrangle the beast that is data or is still working to do so, the amount of overhead that goes in managing these data systems is not a recipe for long term success.

What differentiates Snowflake from traditional data systems is found in its cloud data platform and unique architecture: 

  • A single global platform capable of centralizing all of your organization’s data in one place
  • Supports multitude of data applications
  • Enables easy sharing of data across your ecosystem
  • Provides near real-time access to data
  • Offers usage-based pricing, fostering cost containment and organizational scalability
  • Provides Data Marketplace for sharing and access to data sets
  • Supports unified and controlled governance and security policies
  • Creates the foundation for readily available data insights for your business teams to help inform decisions

When properly leveraged, Snowflake’s data cloud platform provides more opportunities for growth, decreased administrative effort, and improved risk management in contrast to other solutions on the market.

Why Snowflake Is Increasingly Important for Our Clients

In today’s technology driven world, data is the lifeblood of any organization. With new data being collected every second of every day, the success of a company is largely dependent on how they are able to effectively leverage this information to make informed decisions. Simply capturing customer data is not enough. Your data needs to be secure, compliant, centralized, informative, and ultimately easily accessible for your teams at a moment's notice. 

At V2, we have seen many media companies face the challenges that come with creating and processing large amounts of complex ad sales data across a myriad of B2B and B2C sources, spanning systems unique to and across marketing, sales, media planning, creative/production, ad operations, and other departments. With Snowflake’s ability to connect data from disparate sources into a single platform that is easily accessible through applications like Salesforce and Tableau CRM, we are able to help our clients to leverage the full potential of their data. Snowflake’s proprietary connectors allow us to configure flexible and scalable solutions that integrate your data right into your CRM to help team members make more informed decisions, such as which advertisers and agencies to prioritize for sales outreach, which product mixes to pitch based on correlations between advertising segment and product performance, and much more. 

Properly leveraging these powerful connections between Snowflake, Tableau, and Salesforce gives us the ability to unlock the full potential of our client's data in ways that would have previously been a disjointed, manual, and overall, painstaking process. 

Interested in learning more about your Snowflake? Join our webinar on March 17thClick Here to register.

V2 Snowflake Webinar


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Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu is a consultant at V2 with 4+ years in technology consulting. He is an SFDC Certified Admin, Sales Cloud Consultant & App Builder with proven success delivering multi-platform solutions. Jonathan has experience leading complex data cleansing & migrations and looks forward to sharing his expertise on the V2 Thrive blog.