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V2 Spotlight: Randy Cruz

This month's Employee Spotlight @ V2 is Randy Cruz! After finishing his M.A. in Management, Randy joined V2 LATAM in October 2020 as a Business Analyst and has been a part of some of V2's most strategic customer projects supporting multiple global media organizations as well as a global gaming organization. Through his commitment to his personal and professional growth as well as our clients' success, Randy was promoted to be a Sr. Business Analyst in 2021.
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Experience our Ad Sales Innovation Series

The last few years have upended the Ad Sales world with changes accelerated by the pandemic, new and constantly evolving technology, and the expansion of advertising networks outside of the traditional media world as non-media companies actively invest in scaling revenue through ad monetization. We’ve also seen a shift over the last decade from independent ad channels to converged, multi-stream platforms that allow publishers to provide advertisers and agencies with comprehensive audience engagement.  Our Ad Sales for Media Cloud series brings together V2’s thought leaders with media industry leaders to discuss the impact of these and other trends. Tune in as Mansueto Venture’s CRO, John Donnelly, and V2’s CGO, Jill Dignan, discuss John’s experience pivoting business during and after the pandemic, the effect of technology in driving Mansueto’s ad sales growth, and what the future holds. You'll also hear Candice Edwards, Global Head...
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Streamlining account-based forecasting with Salesforce

For many companies, Account-based forecasting is critical to support effective sales and revenue management. This forecasting methodology can directly drive revenue by calling out prior year versus current-year same-period performance to re-capture and grow a cyclical business. Beyond the direct performance impact, accurate forecasts drive better planning and decision-making. Finally, account-level forecasts can provide rich data to support seller evaluation, coaching, and performance management.
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Preparing for the Launch of Salesforce’s Advertising Sales Management from Media Cloud

As an industry-focused Salesforce partner, we could only dream of the tsunami of industry-focused solutions built on Salesforce that would be rolling out soon after the acquisition of Vlocity in 2020. After years of building custom solutions to meet challenges specific to the ad sales industry, we were thrilled to learn about the launch of Advertising Sales Management from Media Cloud. 
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V2 Spotlight: Gustavo Rodriguez

We are so happy to introduce our next employee in our employee spotlight series. 
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How to Run an Effective Vendor Evaluation, Part 3: Thorough Documentation

Check out parts 1 and 2 of this series, Identify Your Key Stakeholders and Define Your Results. Once you have started the vendor evaluation, appropriate documentation keeps the process on track. While this may sound simple, the large volume of information you’ll be collecting can make it difficult to keep track of your priorities along the way.
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How to Run an Effective Vendor Evaluation, Part 2: Define Your Results

Check out part 1 of this 3 part series, Identify Your Key Stakeholders. Now that you have identified your stakeholders and curated a set of their requirements, you’ll need to set the expectations of what the ideal vendor partner should provide. In short, before you make the first official contact with a potential vendor, you should also know the results you expect from your interactions with the vendors and how you will structure the evaluation to achieve them. Consider the following:
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How to Run an Effective Vendor Evaluation, Part 1: Identify Your Key Stakeholders

  The evaluation of a new vendor requires a great deal of planning to avoid getting lost in the process or bogged down in conflicting requirements and bureaucracy. A mismanaged evaluation or, worse, the selection of the wrong vendor, can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences, potentially disrupting productivity, wasting time, resources, and money in an effort to make a bad solution better, and even resulting in political fallout for the team responsible for the decision.  So, how do you avoid making the wrong choice? Before you even begin to reach out to prospective vendors, you’ll want to make sure that you have identified all the key stakeholders within your organization who will be impacted by the addition of a new product or vendor and assessed all of their requirements and preferences. When building your evaluation team, include stakeholders who are directly impacted by a new product, like end users and their managers,...
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What Is Snowflake And Why Is It Important For Media Companies?

At V2, one common challenge that many of our clients face is how to navigate the complex landscape of their data. To strengthen our analytics consulting services and provide our clients with the simplest and most efficient way of managing their ad sales B2C and B2B data, we have recently partnered with Snowflake. In less than 500 words, we wanted to summarize for our readers the following: what is the Snowflake Data Cloud platform, why it’s different from other data warehouse platforms on the market, and why media companies should consider it as part of their tech stack.
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V2 Webinar: Analytics for Ad Sales

We invite you to join us for the V2 Analytics for Ad Sales: 3 Ways to Get More From Your Analytics Investment Through the Power of Snowflake + Tableau CRM Webinar. 
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